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Net Enable Tax Calculator 

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Net Enable Tax Calculator & Deeds Drafter

Clients : Lexsite.com
URL : www.lexsite.com
Platform : Windows NT 4.0
Front End : JSP, HTML
Back End : XML

TAX Calculator :

Aim : The Aim of this software is to facilitate on-line users to compute taxable income as per the Income tax act.

Reports : Generates Computation of Income and fills income tax Saral form.

Features : All types of assesses and all heads of income included.

Role : Designing the overall architecture of the product which included the wizard based on which the whole program is controlled.

Providing the screen snapshots, database design for the software.

Providing the logic for the development of the software based on the income tax rules.

Providing material and design of help, illustrations etc.

Providing the database, screen etc for typical enclosures to be attached.


Aim : To generate documents like Partnership Deeds, Audit reports, Notes to B/S., Power of Attorney, Will, Sales Agreement etc. on stamp paper as well as regular stationery.

Features : A Prominent system of creation of document, with the aid of standardized clause library with pre-defined clauses, helps the user in generating the document accurately and efficiently.

Role : Providing the database design, screen snapshots and a standard data for the clause library.



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